Our offer

Adusei Consultancy (AC) works with individual clients (i.e. those seeking personal, career and employment-related support) and businesses organisation (i.e. with groups to identify shared goals and effective communication) to bring positive change.

The service is tailored to the client’s needs; whilst engaged with AC, clients can speak freely and confidentially without judgement or fear to address beliefs, where these may persist and that may be holding them back from achieving their potential aspirations. AC supports its clients to explore a range of possibilities through raising awareness to get you back on track, rather than struggling alone.

“Adusei Consultancy (AC) services are not magic, but the results are certainly magical”

Your potentials will be explored to help you improve your performance. AC will act as the sounding board within a confidential space to support you to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Working with AC you will have the creative space to grow, achieve your aspirations. We will do this by tapping into your strengths, resources and quickly build your confidence allowing you to make the best choices to achieve your desired outcome. This tailored and partnership approach will allow you to take action, freeing you from having to put up with undesirable situations.

Working with AC will most definitely enhance your career and general wellbeing; clients I have worked with have achieved positive outcomes, despite prior doubt.

Jacqueline Adusei

The sessions with Jacqueline have had a great impact on my life, in particular encouraging me to change my outlook for certain situations.  I feel like I am a more positive person and better able to manage situations that I would have struggled with in the past.

Jackie is approachable and her coaching style is direct and effective.  She always encouraged me to problem solve and to logically work through my goals.  I have seen real personal growth and believe that this is largely attibuted to the support that Jackie has provided. 

I was grateful for the structure in the sessions and the re-capping and summaries as the sessions began and ended.  I felt that I always knew what to expect from the sessions and learnt some valuable lessons, which have been applicable to my daily life – on various occasions. 

Going forward, I understand the importance of reviewing my goals to ensure that I am on track and setting new ones with the principles that Jackie has taught me.   Could not recommend Jackie enough!  Thank you for all of your support! 

A O   18/03/2020


As the shy and introvert child below, by the age of 7, I can vividly recall the disempowering narrative my teachers shared with my parents during parents’ evenings which painted bleak career prospects for young Jacqueline. So, at age 11 when my late mother offered me the opportunity to attend Boarding School in Ghana, West Africa I jumped to the offer seeing it as a chance to escape the negative narrative which was emerging.

With secondary school behind me, I returned to the UK. This followed a succession of higher education qualifications and career progression; at age 37, I took up my first role as CEO within a well-known UK based Charity.

Looking back, as a National Award Winner, I attribute my success to my faith, resilience; indeed, the support from those who embraced and believed in me.

Adusei Consultancy (AC) is an independent practice based in West London offering transformational business and personal development support through Consultancy, Coaching or Mentoring.

Jacqueline Adusei has an established career as an Executive Director in the public and charity sector for over 15 years, 11 years as CEO and worked in the private, public and charity sector for over 30 years.