AC delivers emotionally intelligent change management to aid businesses and individuals to be the best they can be.

I offer a range of tailor-made business and personal development service options to allow you to benefit and achieve positive outcomes.
I work with clients to achieve measurable improvements in their businesses and personal development using coaching methodologies & strategic planning based on relevant industry standards to position you ahead of your game!

I achieve this by supporting individuals and businesses to aim high; by enhancing your goals and business operations through manageable changes to improve systems and working practices.

I will work with you/your business to deliver fulfilling outcomes to utilise your personal and organisational skillset in the best way you can.

My coaching sessions with Jacqueline helped me to identify the goal I really wanted to pursue instead of taking actions I believed I should be doing. This was an incredible outcome and I feel I only figured this out by working together with Jackie in our coaching sessions.

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Key service areas

Command-and-control management leadership is no longer tenable in this fast-moving world. Leaders need to be able to make fast decisions and respond to changing conditions on a moment-by-moment basis. To function to the best of their ability, individual and businesses need to work within a multitude of intervention to support different learning styles; one that empowers and facilitates the best outcomes

AC offers consultancy for businesses, personal, professional and business development through coaching and mentoring for leaders, managers and at all levels to help individuals to fulfil their potentials. AC works at the transformational level, as opposed to the transactional, to create sustainable behavioural change.

Transformational leadership, management and personal development are the catalysts for corporate and personal transformation. As shared within the service description, AC’s service is transformational and will improve your performance, allowing you to flourish as a business or individual. If larger projects are required, I have access to other professional associates to form a team of your requirements. We do this by creating a collaborative culture which will enable you to progress greatly and solve problems systematically – that’s what we do!

AC specialises in delivering measurable personal and business benefits; offers the following summarised services:

  • Strategic management & leadership consultancy support;
  • Business Development / Coaching & mentoring support (including Life & Career Development Coaching).

Consultancy (Business Development)

Transformational leadership and management are at the heart of AC’s philosophy.

Successful organisations and people are firmly centred on the wants and needs of the individual – to fulfil their potential and to do something meaningful.  Meeting the demands of you and your business requires leaders at the top who can help their teams develop and rise to new challenges rather than leaders who solely help their teams at the technical level.

AC is ideally positioned to deliver benefits and relationships allowing us to understand your businesses strengths, potential growth areas, blockages, strategies, culture and needs.  AC facilitates new mindsets and behaviours by unlocking potential, through redesigning internal relationships and management styles.

I will work with companies, individuals or groups to help to diagnose the problems faced and recommend solutions by giving clear and logical advice on how to address challenges.  This includes supporting small businesses, executive coaching, support with mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning,  team building and related services.

Please call or email me for an initial discussion to find out more.

Coaching (Life & Career Coaching)

Executive & Personal Development clients on their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve their ambition.  You will be encouraged and supported to become the best version of yourself.

Coaching is an effective tool to support career and business development.  In times of constant change, AC can help you forge new methods of thinking and infuse individuals and businesses to optimise their abilities so they can attain greater levels of performance.

Is Coaching for you? To find out more and how to book your Free 15-minute Introductory Session please email or call to find out more.

Mentoring (Career, Personal & Professional advice)

Mentoring is offered to those seeking direction from someone with experience and knowledge in the same or similar areas.  Through the offer of personal experience and handy tips and hints to help you progress.

AC has an effective track record in business and personal experience, strategic management within the public sector and in other sectors, including the voluntary sector, education and health and social care.  Is Mentoring for you? Please call or email us for an initial discussion to find out more.

So, if you are seeking positive changes, with support from an organisation whose agenda is the welfare and success of you/your business then why not engage the services of AC or to find out more please email us at or call 07496886717.

Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

The sessions will run for 30 or 60 minutes, based on 4, 6, 9 or 12 months sessions, as part of an agreed plan.

I also offer one-off spot Coaching or Mentoring session on specific topics to support you to get back on track or to consider your next steps.

Session booking can be done via